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KINGLAKE 6 Pcs Peas Beans Support Bamboo Wig-Wam Holder Cane Stakes Support Grips for Support Climbing Plants, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Clematis

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  • Supports up to 12 canes, 6(0.95inch diameter) +6(0.75in diameter). Suitable for different sizes of bamboo cane.
  • Simply push the canes through the grip and push them into the ground to make a stable growing frame.
  • Can be used to support Beans, Sweet Peas, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and other types of climbing plants.
  • Each plastic disc evenly set 12 holes, do not need to try to determine the distance between the columns.
  • Maximum Diameter 13.5cm; Material: PE; Color:Green; Package contains: 6 x Cane Grips.

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