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KINGLAKE 2Pcs Sweet Pea Bean Supports Bamboo Cane Wigwam Holder Grip Plant Climbing Support Cane Connector, 10 x Segments

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  • Box contains: 2 packs cane grips, total 10 x segments( 5 pcs segments/pcs); Material: PE; Color:Green.
  • Create a sturdy push-through support structure for your various plant supporting.
  • Perfect for supporting Beans, Sweet Peas, Broad Beansand, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and other climbing plants.
  • Cane grips can be split into five parts to build a variety of bamboo pole frame as needed.
  • Each segment can support two pillars upright and one crossbar. Holds up to 10 canes in a wigwam.

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