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100Pcs Plant Support Garden Clips for Vine Vegetables Tomato to Grow Upright and Makes Plants Healthier (36200)

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  • Works well for beans and plants with a small enough stem that you can fit the stake in the 1" diameter hole .
  • Commonly used to help support tomatoes,melons, cucumbers, peppers and Vine Garden Vegetables.
  • Easy to clip and unclip.Just clip on and you're good to go. Came ASAP; Best value on the market.
  • By using this item ,it makes plants healthier .it will surely make you more productive.
  • They give good support and are very easy to use.Excellent solution for tomato vines.





Product details:
KINGLAKE®100Pcs Plant Support Garden Clips is not like other clips on the market.
KINGLAKE plant clips are stronger and hold their clasp shut.
Great for supporting Vegetables Tomato Vine, flowers and plants.
This plant clips are secured loosely so it doesn't harm the vine itself as it grows.

Works well for a small enough stem with 1 inch diameter hole.
it makes plants healthier .it will surely make you more productive:)

Package contais:100 Pcs plant clips.100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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